The institute investigates human-pathogenic viruses. The aim of the institute is to understand the molecular causes of virus-related diseases and to develop innovative strategies against viral infections.


The LIV is at the center of the latest basic biomedical research and enjoys high international acceptance. The viruses investigated at the LIV are spread worldwide and cause millions of fatal diseases every year - with an increasing tendency. Therefore, LIV's research is of great medical and health policy relevance.

The basic research focuses on the biology of human pathogenic viruses, such as adenoviruses, hepatitis viruses, herpes viruses, influenza viruses and HI viruses as well as the pathogenesis of the diseases caused by them. The LIV's research priorities are divided into two program areas "Molecular mechanisms of virus pathogenesis" and "Innovative therapeutic approaches", which encompass research into human pathogenic viruses and also focus on the translational aspect of basic virological research at the LIV. The common goal of the program areas is the translational transfer of basic research into preclinical questions and innovative antiviral strategies.

The homepage of the institute can be found here.