Schedule LCI-Symposium 2018 "Structural Biology of Infection": Download PDF here.


Certification by the German Medical Council: 12 points.


Conference venue January 18, 2018:

Historic Lecture Hall of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 74, 20359 Hamburg

Directions on the BNITM website


Conference venue January 19, 2018:

CSSB Centre for Structural Systems Biology

c/o Deutsches Elektronen-Synchroton DESY

Notkestraße 85, Building 15, 22607 Hamburg


To reach the side gate (recommended), take bus line 2 (direction Schenefeld Mitte) from Altona train station and get off at “Luruper Chaussee/DESY“, travelling time ~20min.

Location map on CSSB website

Since parking space is limited on the CSSB/DESY area, we recommend using the public transport system for your arrival at the CSSB.